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According to the screenplay, the scene in which Madame Tetrallini introduces the wandering land-owner to the performers frolicking in the woods ran quite a bit longer. It included additional dialog that endeavored to humanize the so-called freaks. She tells him they are “always in hot, stuffy tents - strange eyes always staring at them - never allowed to forget what they are.” Duval responds sympathetically (clearly the stand-in for the viewing audience), “When I go to the circus again, Madame, I’ll remember,” to which she adds, “I know, M’sieu - you will remember seeing them playing - playing like children… Among all the thousands who come to stare - to laugh - to shudder - you will be one who understands.” 

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    My favorite scene of the film. It’s just too beautiful. You can watch it here: Freaks (Pinheads frolicking) - Turner...
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